Creamy Vidalia Onion Bisque

I’ve been travelling a lot for work – which is why I haven’t been posting so many recipes. On the upside with all this travel, I get to try a bunch of delicious food. I was recently Nashville, and had the most decadent dish the hotel boasts about: creamy onion bisque, with brie grilled cheese. I had a chance to speak with the chef, and he quickly ran through the recipe with me, below was my attempt, and if I may say so myself – it turned out almost as perfect as his, I’m pretty sure the brie grilled cheese would have topped it off.

Also, Vidalias are now in season so you shouldn’t have trouble finding this specific varietal.

<em>Creamy Vidalia Onion Bisque – 8-10 servings
6 sweet onions, diced in large chunks
8 tbsp. whole butter
1 cup heavy cream
salt and white pepper, to taste
Garnish with: crispy crumbled bacon, minced chives

In a large saute pan, simmer onions in butter over very low heat for at least five hours (I went for 6). Remove from heat, add to a blender, and puree until smooth; add heavy cream to taste. Season with salt and white pepper.

To serve garnish soup with bacon, chives, serve with a dry white. (Or go John’s route, and have it with a turkey and cheese sandwich.) I do have photos below¬†demonstrating what they should look every hour.








Happy Cooking!