Charitable Christmas Gifts!

So a quick post – Each year John and I pick out a few different charities to add to our normal list, this year we chose OXFAM.  Although the site is about giving the donation as a gift to family and friends – you are not required to do so.

OXFAM is an awesome organization that is all about working together to end poverty and injustice…and it has some unique gifts/donations for this season.

You can purchase crabs for $18.00 to help restore a coastal ecosystem, and teach how to raise crabs using sustainable methods.  You can also donate honey bees, so that a rural farmer can sell Fair Trade honey.  Or even soap – for $12.00 you will provide a whole community with 20 pounds of multipurpose soap. 

There are so many amazing contributions you can make, and if you plan to do so this holiday season – OXFAM will help you make sure it’s unique.

Oh and this sheep is a measly $50.00!

Click on the photo of the sheep above to be directed to OXFAM unwrapped, and have a look at what you can offer.

What I love about OXFAM is that they are working to help poor people learn to provide for themselves using tools we can provide. So I hope you will join me in picking OXFAM for all your cheritable donations/gifts this year.


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