Gourmet Jewelry

So no recipe today, but I will post one this weekend.  I’m actually thinking Shrimp and Grits or keeping it simple and making a delicious BLT….like a super duper yummy BLT, that makes all other BLT’s look like…well lame.

Today’s post is about the jewelry your loved one could be wearing.  Now typically I’m all about T&Co..but I came across a website called Demitasse – interestingly I was not looking for jewelry, I was actually looking for demi-tasses that had a little oumph but were still oven safe. 

Rachel White, the owner of Demitasse preserves the beauty of antique tableware, and creates the most intricate jewelry.  There are quite a few different collections.  I’m planning on ordering a necklace or two,  I’m obsessed with The Orchid Sugar Sifter and the absinthe spoon – The Vermont Spoon or The Fairy Absinthe Spoon.  See! I can’t decide.

Have a look at the site, and get yourself some jewelry.


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